Hi guys, I have never worked with a motion sensor and I would like to know if this programming is correct.
At the beginning the show is black, when the sensor receives a movement it must start the video content and if it continues to receive movement it must let the video continue. At the end of the video it should go back to black.


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    Chris Dotson

    I have had very little luck with getting a PIR to work directly with the GPIO. I actually had to add a resistor to one of the pins to get it to work. I went through a LOT of motion sensors and none of them worked without the addition of a resistor. Eventually I connected the PIR to an Arduino and connected that to the GPIO. You can also use the USB and send serial commands.

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    Eric Fauque

    As far as I can see, your programming seem fine.

    I have used PIR and other sensors many times with the GPIO, never needed a resistor. The BrightSign player sees the PIR as a simple button, when motion is detected, it closes the NO contact on the PIR and that is seen as the same thing as pushing on a button by the BS.

    I have used this one many times
    Connect a power supply to it, and connect the NO and Common terminals to the GPIO pins that correspond to the button number you programmed in BrightAuthor. When motion is detected, the NO contact will close and the BS will read that as the same thing as a button push and start playing.

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