Brightauthor does not send UDP but Brightsigns do?


Brightauthor does not send UDP but Brightsigns do?

I have tried on multiple computers with different frirewall settings and no UDP comes out of Brightauthor only from published projects to Brightsigns. Using the latest and previous Brightauthors.

It receives UDP just fine.

Is this deliberate or something I dont know about?

Or a bug?





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    That's normal.  BrightAuthor does not send out UDP messages.  BrightAuthor is not involved or necessary after the presentation is published to the player, and the presentation running on the player does the UDP interaction.


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    It would have been very useful to know this before testing the project in the preview.

    Not sure I see the point in this. Is the project preview not designed to be able to fully test a project before publishing?

    Are there other functions not included in the Brightauthor preview that we will find out the hard way?


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