XD234 looses network connectivity


We have several new XD234 (only 2 now are connected and configured) but we have a strange issue - every random time (can be minutes to hours) the units looses network connectivity.

They aren't replaying to Piing and of course the Bright Author cant mange them - what's more strange is that the unit network link lights are flashing OK and the port on the switch shows as up on connect.

The only way to recover the connectivity is to take out the network cored and back in or restart the unit or reset the relevant port on the switch.

We didn't find any network issues and on the units i see the following error "ERROR Features payload could not be retrieved from https://certs.brightsignnetwork.com/features/api/v1/features?serial=D1E9AC000639': Failed to connect to certs.brightsignnetwork.com port 443: Connection timed out"

We're using local network only, our units are XD234 with FW

1. What could be the reason of that issue ?

2. Is the error about the access to the Certs site is related ?

3. Is there a way to see the log time in more conviniant format ? now its displayed as 5424763.34 - that don't give any clue about the actual time the event was logged.

This issue prevents us for installing the additional 5 unit we have.




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