Initial setup problems

While I'm waiting for a null-modem connector - I'm having problems getting Brightsign going out-of-the-box.

1 - Create a CF card w/ the sample autorun.bas and a handful of autoplayx.bmp files - works fine - plays the slide show as advertised.

2 - Create a CF card with autorun.bas and an MPG file (one of the ones in your Demo zip file) - doesn't work - nothing happens.

3 - Create a CF card with your Demo image - doesn't work - nothing happens.

4 - Create a CF card with update.rok - doesn't work - no flashing LEDs, no auto-delete of update.rok

I did notice something about incompatible CF cards. I'm using a PNY 1GB. Is it possible that this could cause it to work with BMP files, but not MPG or the firmware update?

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    Hi lchaissan,

    Not upgrading your BrightSign to the latest software explains all of these issues. Unfortunately, the update.rok method doesn't work with many CF cards. I have a Patriot 2GB card that I purchased at fry's that works.

    With a null modem cable, you can use the shell "upgrade" cmd, which will work. Unfortunately, with 1.0.70, this command is "broken". So once you upgrade to 1.0.70, you will now longer be able to use the shell method, and will have to do the auto update.rok method with a working CF card (until you get the next update loaded).

    We will post to our web site an updated software 1.0.72 tomorrow that fixes the broken upgrade shell cmd.

    So I recommend that you either:

    1.  Try another CF card and find one that works with the update.rok auto method

    2.  use the shell “upgrade†cmd, but wait until tomorrow so you can install 1.0.72

    We are also starting to pre-upgrade units before we ship to a better "boot/safe mode" so that future customers, or future orders, won't have these problems.

    sorry for the trouble.

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