Brightsign 600 USB keyboard question

I've sent two emails to the Roku support center, and after two weeks, haven't heard a response, so I'll try this here.

I'm trying to test a script I wrote on the Brightsign, but I can't get any peripherals to work (i.e. the USB keyboard or mouse). I've tried three different brands of keyboards/mice, updated the software, even wiped the card and downloaded the sample script to see if I could get it to work, but nothing. I know the USB devices are getting power - the light is on in the mouse, for example - but I can't get it to communicate with the Brightsign. Any suggestions? Is it the actual unit, or a software issue? Are there particular brands I should be avoiding? Thanks so much!

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    Can you send me the sample script you are trying to use? <!-- e --><a href="mailto:lallydice@roku.com">lallydice@roku.com</a><!-- e -->

    I've tested several brands with the units. I originally came across some microsoft mice that wouldn't work consistently with early firmware versions, but no keyboards that wouldn't work.

    I'm personally using logitech, and belkin mice with the units I use for testing. If it's a wireless mouse, you may need a powered USB hub with it.
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