BrightSign Software 1.0.72 released


Today we released new software, documentation, autoplayer.zip, and demo for Roku BrightSign. You can download them here:


The BrightSign autoplayer.zip contains a script that when copied to a CF card, will "autoplay":
- Slide Shows
- Looping Video
- NEW! Interactive Digital Signs based on a simple text table you can create in Microsoft Excel

See the updated BrightSign User Guide for details.

The software update includes support for USB Mice and trackballs, scaling Images, front panel video mode button/LEDs, double/pre buffering when playing images, .CSV files, optional "ata:", bug fixes, and more.

For upgrade instructions, please download the updated BrightSign User Guide, as well as the ReadMe.pdf file located in the 1.0.72 zip file.


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