Sending UDP Commands with Carriage Return


Currently, the send udp command in BrightAuthor doesn't include a carriage return. But, firmware does support it. You can send a udp command with a carriage return using a plugin. 


The following plugin, https://www.brightsignnetwork.com/download/Scripts/UDP-CR-Command.zip, allows you to send a udp command with a carriage return attached. You just have to add the plugin to your brightauthor project, choose send plugin command from advanced commands-send, and then use the following syntax:




THe name of the plugin is "udpcr". You include the name when you add the plugin under file, presentation properties, autorun. 


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    Olivier Jean

    Hi there,

    This plugin looks like an potential workaround to send UDP message to a different IP / Port than the native BrightAuthor UDP command. 

    What we would be the alteration needed to this plugin to support sending UDP message to a different IP / Port combo ?

    Thanks .

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    Olivier, you can change the UDP ports and IP address in BrightAuthor presentation under File > Presentation Properties > Interactive tab. Isn't that enough for you?

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