Mimicing Apple iPhone "VoiceOver" mode on an interactive directory / wayfinding display

I have a project being designed where I have several multi-touch LCD displays for interactive directory / wayfinding.  I'm currently specifying the XD1230 player at these locations.  The authority reviewing the design for ADA compliance is requiring we make the interactive directories accessible to visually impaired people.  One idea that has been proposed is to mimic the "VoiceOver" mode that is available on an iPhone (found under Settings/General/Accessibility), or "TalkBack" mode on an Android phone.  In this mode, a user slides their finger around the screen.  When a button is encountered, a click is heard and a voice reads the text on the button and provides any additional instructions.  As an example, if when moving their finger around the home page their finger went over the "Messages" button, they would hear a click and then a voice stating, "Messages.  Double tap to open."  When in this mode, the gesturing on the iPhone is changed so that a single tap or hovering over a button activates the voice prompt, a double-tap opens the item and scrolling is accomplished using a 3-finger swipe. 

Can this mode be mimicked on a multi-touch LCD display with an XD1230 player?

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    Roni Starc

    If you are doing a html5 presentation you should be able to do this. Use the mouseover and/or touch entry javascript events and play the required audio file.

    With a BrightAuthor presentation I doubt it could be done.

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