Buttons sounds audio for HTML 5 interactive touchscreen app on XD1030

In my touchscreen app, I need button sounds for user feedback. The methods I've tried so far however have yielded inconsistent results. The buttons will play the sound 4 or 5 times in a row, then fail a few times, then start working again. I've used 2 HTML/JQuery attempts. The first was a Javascript plugin called Ion.Sound. Worked great in a browser, but inconsistent on BrightSign. Then I tried using an <audio> element controlled by events. The JQuery looks something like this: 

var btnSound = $("#buttonsound")[0];

$("div.touch-button" ).click(function(){
btnSound.currentTime = 0;


Here's the HTML:

<audio id="buttonsound" preload="auto">
<source src="beer_can_opening.mp3">

Again, works fabulously in the browser, but the same problems in BrightSign.

Is what I'm trying to achieve reliably possible?

Feel free to have a look at the files ;) https://www.dropbox.com/s/d9t8r907jdan24w/brightsign-test.zip?dl=0


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    Ivan Lesar

    Hi Fred,

    have you managed to successfully play sounds without them repeating? I'm experiencing the same problem (2,5 years later). I have tried with a simple audio element and also with WebAudio API, but haven't found a solution.

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    Bright Scripters

    It seems like the touch screen is sending multiple triggers for a single finger tap.

    For troubleshooting, you could try interacting with a mouse instead of the touch screen, and see if you are getting different results.

    Here is some more info that might help.



    The fact that everything worked well for a while, and then started acting out, may indicate a hardware malfunction of the touch screen surface...

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    Ivan Lesar

    It didn't work out in the start. When I said 2,5 year later, I meant that the problem is still not resolved regarding the Brightsign device since Fred posted his question 2,5 years ago.

    The app has been tested on several touch screens with capacitive and optical technologies and it performs the same under all conditions. It works quite well on a Macbook and a PC.

    If I click buttons which emit sound, sometimes the sound doesn't play at first. And after a few clicks it plays all of them. It's like they are stuck in some buffer which is being processed with a lag. There was even an occasion in which it did not play sounds for two dozen clicks, and then played all of them sequentially. That's not quite nice to hear regarding the user experience.

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    Bright Scripters

    As a workaround, you could have the player natively play the buttons sound effects, instead of having he HTML engine handle that.

    You would be sending UDP messages from HTML to the player, and respond to the UDP event.

    These two posts may be helpful



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