GPIO input from Arduino

Hi, I have an LS422 that I want to connect to an arduino (triggering sensors will create an output from the Arduino that will act as a button press in bright author). Other than simply connecting an output pin on the Arduino to a GPIO pin, and connecting the ground to ground, is there anything else I need to consider? Many thanks


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    If memory serves the Arduino logic levels are 5v and the BrightSign uses 3.3v so you would need to level shift. I generally interface BrightSign and Arduino by making the Arduino a HID keyboard but there is no reason a direct connection can't work.
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    This is an old thread, but it may can help someone else: 

    You can connect the USB cable of the Arduino (Teensy, Controllino...) to the Brightsign as an USB-Serial device so you have bi-directional communication in order to detect inputs, force outputs and whatever else you can do with an Arduino compatible board. I've tested it successfully time ago..

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