Touch screen in portrait

Hi everyone,

I would like to use a Samsung 46" screen in portrait with a touch overlay for some retail locations, so need touch.

I have set the presentation to portrait and so my content is fine, but when I set a touch area it doesn't reflect the area I set.

Am I doing something silly?

Thanks in advance, Neil


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    Same problem. Please advise!

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    Depending on the version of BrightAuthor you're using and your content, in Portrait mode presentations, the image shown in the Rectangular Touch configuration may appear portrait, but the touch area definition is still in Landscape coordinates.

    The easiest workaround is to rotate the image back to Landscape (in Photoshop or Paint, *not* via "Rotate Clockwise/Rotate Counterclockwise" in Windows Explorer) and substitute that image while you define the coordinates, then switch the image back to the Portrait version after the touch areas are set.


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