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    This Switch Presenation Video, explained below, shows you how to switch between two presentations. One presentation switches on a schedule; the other at the end of a video.



    • How to Use Switch Presentation Advanced Command
    • How to use Event Handler
    • How to use Time Clock event in a background Zone
    • How to Change From Fullscreen to Multiple Zones

    Presentation Full

    • Plays Video, then sends Switch Presentation command When Video Ends


    Presentation Two


    • Plays Images and Cnn RSS feed using Two Zones
    • Uses 3rd zone (type audio) and Time Clock Event to switch to Presentation Full
    • Time Clock events trigger on a schedule (e.g. Monday, 5PM or Every 2 hours)



    Project File and Video

    The bently.mp4 video is from the Car Dealer kiosk demo. Other images attached.

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