How to add RSS feed to presentation

Trying to add RSS feed wold like step by step instruction with explanation of any  item or requirement.

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    Adding RSS Feeds

    If you just want to display the contents of an RSS feed as a scrolling ticker, or static text, you would use a Ticker/Text zone.  I'm attaching a video that shows how to add a text zone if your project doesn't already have one, and then how to add an rss feed. I'm using brightauthor


    Adding RSS Video


    Scrolling Ticker

    If you want to use a scrolling ticker, make sure that when you create your brightauthor project file, you choose a target mode of HD222 or newer. If you choose an LS422 or older player like the HD1020, you won't get the option of a scrolling ticker.


    RSS Format - Standard RSS

    You want to make sure your feed is actually an RSS feed. Often when we're asked to test feeds, it's just a websites url and not an actual rss file. With the use of a plugin, you can technically use any file format. The plugin just has to parse the file, and store the information that you want displayed. 

    For example, the ticker will normally play only the description field from each RSS item. But, you can add a simple plugin so you can use the title as well or use the title instead of the description. Or, if the feed isn't formatted like a standard rss, you can choose any tags in the feed to display. 


    This LiveText RSS faq talks about livetext, but it shows what a standard rss feed looks like.


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