Portrait presentation sometimes randomly switches to landscape

I have a presentation for a 4K1142 that is running a single HTML5 page, displaying a few lines of text or a single image.  The presentation is set to 'Portrait - Left is bottom', but sometimes after a refresh, the page will load in landscape orientation.  The presentation is set to refresh every 480s.

I was able to get around this using a User Stylesheet to apply a rotation to the page, but really shouldn't need to.  Is this a bug or something anyone else has experienced?


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    Can you send us an export of the assets so we can test? what firmware is this under?

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    Louis R

    Same problem! BrightAuthor v (french) firmware v 6.2.63 for XD232. I choose "Portrait - bottom left" and I save, But don't keep this option. No problem with "Landscape" or "Portrait - Bottom right". Any idea?

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    Elliott Freeman

    I've had this same problem! 

    This bug keeps happening on my portrait presentation! About 1 in every 40 times that the HTML page loads it will display landscape mode instead of portrait mode on the display despite having portrait mode selected on the brightsign presentation properties. This bug seems to only effect the HTML block. My HTML page contains no videos, its just text and images. It seems like a bug rather than human error.

    I've got a HD1022

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