user/password after update 4K player


Downloaded an firmware upgrade (6.1.76) for a 4K player with the browser, after rebooting and upgrading it asked for user / password when accessing it by the browser?? How can that happen, and how can I access it ? This videoplayer is 6000 km away, access by a browser is pretty handy.

is there a default userpassword?  I tried the usual suspects (admin/password, root etc) with no success

To prevent misunderstanding, I downloaded the firmware update to a local computer, from there unzipped it and uploaded it to the player.


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    Sorry about the late response. You may have already resolved this but the serial number of the unit is usually the default password with the newer releases. 

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    Donovan Ferguson

    Agree with Lyndon, the default user name is: admin and the serial number is the password (all upper case as per S/N).

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