Hello how are you my question is, if i have one audio list, and i need to include one spot every two songs how can i do that? 


Thank you 

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    You can use two audio lists where the second has your spots.  The first audio list just needs to keep track of how many audio files it's played. once you get to 2, transition to the list of spots. Once there reset the variable, and return tot he main audio list once that spot finishes. 


    Add a variable with a default value of zero.

    1. using media end event to play the first audio list after each track ends. So, don't make the audio list automatically advance.

    2. Under advanced, in your audio list, add a command, from other, to increment your variable.

    3. use media end event to go back to the same audio list when finished

    4. In the same media end event, add a conditional target that checks if the variable is equal to 2.

    5. if it's equal to 2, transition to the second audio audio list


    6. In the second audio list, add a command to reset variables. That will set your variable back to zero.

    7. Use a media end event to go from your second audio list back to your first.


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