Synchronize Three BrightSigns with Different Videos

I'm creating an interactive cockpit for a train, so I have three monitors: Left, Right, and Center. These represent the left window, right window, and front window of the train, respectively.

I've set triggers on the center console for different things to happen, such as going into a tunnel or moving into the countryside. I want to send one command to the center console and have it change all of the units to the appropriate video. However, all of the information I've found about syncing units involves playing the same video.

How can I send a single message that will activate a trigger on ALL of the units?

Thanks in advance!

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    Joseph Mark


    On whatever your trigger event is, add a Link -> Synchronize command with a trigger keyword.


    On your other units, add a synchronize event with that same keyword and have this event trigger your video.


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