UDP command to HTML5 through Javascript

I just want to preface this by saying that it might be really obvious and I'm just missing something. But I have an HTML page that uses Javascript to make a countdown clock. I have functions that can pause, play, or reset the clock. I've used the "Send User Variables to HTML" plugin to send User Variables and complete those actions. (Plugin available here; https://github.com/brightsign/BrightAuthor-Plugins/tree/master/Send-User-Variables-To-HTML)

However, I've found that I need to send UDP commands, not user variables. So, how can I receive UDP commands through Javascript/HTML?

Thanks in advance!


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    You want to send a udp command from brightscript to javascript? or you just want to listen for udp commands on the javascript side?

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    Bronson O'Quinn

    @Lyndon: I wanted to send a UDP command to a Javascript app. 

    Fortunately, I've figured it out. I'll post my answer here for posterity.

    var bsSocketMessage = new BSDatagramSocket();
    bsSocketMessage.ondatagram = function(e){
        var ta = document.getElementById("textArea");
        var command = String.fromCharCode.apply(null, new Uint8Array(e.getBytes()));
        if(command.toUpperCase().trim() == "RESET") {
    countDownDate = new Date().getTime() + 3600000;
            paused = false;
            ta.innerHTML = "Reset";

        if(command.toUpperCase().trim() == "PAUSE") {
            paused = true;
            ta.innerHTML = "Clock Paused";

        if( (command.toUpperCase().trim() == "PLAY") && (paused === true) ) {
            paused = false;
            ta.innerHTML = "Clock Resumed";

    I couldn't find a useful bit of code anywhere, but eventually pieced it together from the BrightSign documentation on BSDatagramSocket and various forum posts.

    Using the "GetBytes()" function, this returned a Buffer Array, so I had to use "String.fromCharCode.apply(null, new Uint8Array(e.getBytes()))" in order to convert to a string.

    As I said before, this controls a simple JS countdown clock. You can find that code here.

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    I did recently post an countdown example my colleague created. The date is controlled a variable value..




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