Brightsign Widget: Countdown Timer HTML

This is a simple html countdown timer that counts down Mondays, Days, Hours, etc to a date/time defined in a variable in your BrightAuthor project. The attached project example uses BrightAuthor 4.7, but you can use the same timer with any brightauthor version that supports html content.


You can edit the html to change colors or remove months, days, etc.


Download Sample here.

Against Background Color


CountDown to DSE 2018  - with background image and DSE image in a zone



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    dirk de wolf

    I haven uploaded this example, but it does not work as I expected : the background color of zone 2 (with the timer) is white and I can see no way to change this. any ideas on how to change the background color of the zone, or the font color ?

    many thanks

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    Yes I am having the same problem.  It looks like the javascript files have to tie in somehow too.  Any help would be great. 




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