XD232 Presentation Timing Using Exit Command Pause


I have two XD 232's with the latest firmware being triggered simultaneously in parallel by 6 push buttons.  One is connected to a monitor, the other to a projector.  The text on the monitor takes 20 seconds to read. The projector is showing 2 sequential slides (jpgs) with 10000 ms Exit Command Pauses.

This works fine until a user presses another button before the Pause times out and causes the displays to become out of sync.  In other words, the monitor switches to next slide but the projector remains on original slides until it times out.  By then, the displays are out of sync.  They get progressively worse if another button is pressed.

Is there another or easier way to achieve this result, without preventing the button presses until the projector slides time out? 

I have tried altering both programs Entry and Exit pauses with varying degrees of success.

I have never actually synced two Bright Players together and from what I've scoured in the forums this may be what I need to do.  Is there a tutorial out there that shows this?  The links on the similar post pages are 404'd.




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    Ray Bonoan



    Just a follow up answer to this post. 

    I used Adobe Spark to create timed video presentations of the slides I wished to sync and it worked without adding any Entry or Exit commands or pauses...in case anyone is interested.

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