Change background colors during an event

I have a series of videos which play in a zone on he screen (the videos cover only a portion of the screen).  The background color is set to black.  During the second video from the top, I want to change the background color of he entire screen to white.  After that video, I want the BG color to return to black.  How do I do this?


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    You could easily create multiple solid color image files, and play them in their own Images zone, underneath the video.

    The background images, could then be listed in an Image Play File, and changed dynamically.

    Not sure if Zone Messages could work, but you could use UDP sent from the player to itself.

    If the background change doense not need to be synced with the videos, you could get it done with Timers and such...


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    Kenan Pekoz

    Very helpful - thank you

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