Synchronized Medialist playback with alternating master and slave

Hi everyone,

I am currently working on a project and can't find the correct settings in BrightAuthor, maybe someone can help?

This is what I am trying:

2 channel synchronized playback of short video clips randomly chosen out of a Medialist. The videos shall switch between both screens: first a video is shown on screen A, while the other screen is black, then a video is shown on screen B while screen A becomes black.

The videos are only some seconds long. I tried to make a synchronised presentation with Master and Slave and random Medialists. What I achieved is that the Master and Slave play randomly through the medialist sending sync commands at the end of each media item (at least I think they do, or at least the master).

However, how can I manage to get the blacks in between the videos? As said before, the idea is that when the first video on the master unit (screen A) is over screen A becomes black, at the same moment the next video on the slave unit (screen B) starts, and when this one is over it triggers the master to play the next video on screen A while screen B becomes black again.
The videos have different lenghts, and since they are supposed to be randomly chosen I cannot just put them into a simple playlist.

Wouldn't it be necessary in this case that the Slave triggers the Master with a sync command, or in other words: Master and Slave would change every time a video is over... is this possible? Or any other idea how can I configure the presentation to achieve the goal?

Any help would be highly appreciated!


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    This isn't really a synchronization project. You just need each player to send a message when its' finished playing, via udp, to tell the other unit to play. 


    The master starts with a media list. That plays 1 video at a time. Use a media end event to go from the media list to the eventhandler that stops playback.  In the media end event, send a play2 udp string that's for the second player. On the master, listen for a udp string "play1" while sitting on the event handler. This will take you back to the media list when the second player is finished playing. 


    On the second player your event handler will be the starting state...





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    Since it's a medialist, it automatically advances to the next item in the list each time it's entered. This is default behavior. 

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