HD1010 not playing SD card movie


I am trying to do something very simple: play an mp4 movie file (only 1) from my SD card (SDHC) on my HD1010 model.  When I turn it on, the Pwr light goes on, and the Bsy light flickers, but then it never displays anything on my HDMI-connected monitor.  I don't even get the Brightsign loading bar etc.

Not sure what to do. I'm on a Mac and so the only thing on the SD card is the mp4 file.  In the past, I had no problems playing it, so not sure what happened...

Should I do some kind of serious reboot?  

Please advise.





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    Bright Scripters

    The monitor and player, may not agree on a video format that the monitor supports.

    You could check the monitor supported video format (frame size and frame rate), and use BrightAuthor to force the player to output a supported format.

    Also, if you remove the SD card, the monitor should show the player's serial number, and firmware.

    Are you seeing that?

    You'd need to allow about 2 minutes for the player to adjust its resolution to the monitor. That process may require an automated reboot, so it would take longer than a normal bootup time.

    With such seasoned player, it is possible that the power supply is no longer what it used to be.

    If you have another power supply, you could try and swap.

    I hope that helped

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    If you need to change the video format of your videos to be played on your HD1010 model, I know a tool that can adjust the video format without touching original video files. This program is DRmare Media Converter for Mac. You could take a look at it and have a try.

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