can't find what software to run with this unit. can anyone help with setup and running?


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    JRB Technical

    If I remember correctly, that is an OEM model, that was made specifically for another company, and only that company would have the software for it.

    Even if it is not an OEM model, it has likely not been supported in a very long time. It is not likely to find anyone that still has any software available for that unit.

    BrightSign has been kind enough to make a great deal of software still available for many Legacy products, and this one is not listed, which again leads me to believe that was an OEM model for a specific company.

    There is a possibility with older version of BrightAuthor and some information "similar" to what someone found with the HD912. Just google "brightsign hd912 button banger" and should be the first (non ad) listing.

    I do not know if this will work in your case, and you will be completely on your own.


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    Don Keith

    Donald Thomas,  in order to get it to work you need to run BrightAuthor  Its in the legacy software.  In addition to the software you will need to go into the windows registry and authorize the 960 series.  I know this is an old comment, but if your still interested in getting it to work contact me at donaldjkeith@hotmail.com.  or on facebook at donald j keith.  

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