USB C to GPIO 12-pin Cable Kit in BrightAuthor

How does the USB C to GPIO 12-pin Cable Kit show up in Bright Author on an LS423?  The GPIO triggers are normally greyed out / unavailable on this unit.  Is there a place to select that this "kit" is installed and the GPIO is re-enabled?  Or do I need to know what the USB serial messages are that the Cable Kit sends when receiving an input and what commands to send out to trigger an output?

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    Lee Patrick

    Hi, I recently asked a similar question because I saw your post. I wanted to make sure the cable kit and LS model would work before I purchase. I got the response that there was an upgrade to the Bright Author application – https://brightsign.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/120951?page=1

    Did you have any more issues?


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