Camera hikvision

Hi All, 


anybody succesfully integrated a hikvision camera?

i tried rtsp and mjpeg, but both failed. I think it is because of the login credentials, it didn't help when i entered them in the url (user:pass@url)


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    which widgets were you using to try and play the stream? You wouldn't use html widget for rtsp playback.

    For rtsp, the content streamed must be encapsulated as a transport stream.


    If you log into the player's ip address, and log into the diagnostic server, you can go to the log tab. It should have some error output related to the failed playback of the stream. 

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    Ewald Sarneel

    Hi Lyndon, 


    Thank you so much for responding! i used "video stream" and my (working in VLC) url is:



    (channel 4 of the recorder, stream 2)


    I looked up the logs, and it say's:

    [37932.741] Playing: rtsp://admin:password@
    [37932.741] MediaStreamer::SetPipeline called with {gst:rtsp://admin:password@}
    [37935.752] Gstreamer::Connect: aborted
    [37935.752] FireEvent 16 MEDIAERROR (line 1107)
    [37935.752] FireEvent 30 MEDIAERROR_NOTSTARTED (line 1108)

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