BrightAuthor Media Library order

I have BrightAuthor installed on 4 different computers, and the Media Library has always been in alphabetical order until this last time, and I can't find anywhere to change it. The last installation has them all in random order, which makes it really hard to find what I'm looking for. What do I need to do to fix the sort order?


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    what ba version are you using? I have, slightly newer than, and my folder is alphabetical. All 4 of your computers are now in random order?

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    Roland TL

    The media library not being in alphabetical order has been a annoyance for a long time.  And it still is. See screenshot of version

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    Benny Britten-Austin

    Is there a solution to this?

    I have the same problem with ver., all my files in the Media Library View are sorted in a totaly random order?

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    Christian Kremer

    Seriously, guys, please fix the file sorting.

    All files, regardless of their type, are sorted all across the board, which really makes it a pain in the butt to find anything at all.

    I have been annoyed with this for a long time and I was always hoping that the next BA release would include a fix.

    So please look into the problem - simply stating "on MY machine it works OK" is not an acceptable solution.



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