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I have a HD223 player, connected in local network. I want to access to a remote web page, by URL, that I have create on an other server, but nothing are display on the video or image layout. I have set IP address for the player and I can see pictures and date on different layout.




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    so you want to lay a website but it won't show anything? Is this site internal only or can you send a link into support? Does the site require authentication to access or a cert file to give the player access?

    if you log into the player's ip address, and go to the log tab, what errors do you see related to the playback of the web page.

    do you know if access to the page requires that the domain on the player be set to the same domain as the webpage?


    In brightauthor, under file, presentation properties, html sites, you can enable the javascript console. once enabled, and once you've republished to the player, you can log into the player ip address at port 2999. There you can click on alink for the site, and then you'll have a view similar to chrome's inspect. You can go to the console tab and see if there are errors there. 


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    I'm new to bright sign, I'm trying to run react application on brightsign, didn't find any complete guide or steps to run react/node application.

    Also bit confusing about plugin, is it mandatory to have a plugin to run react application?

    I'm having XT1144 and BA:Connected.


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