Communication between BrightSign units

I have two BrightSign units that I need to communicate with each other; when a user makes a selection on one BrightSign unit I need for the other one to receive a command and show some appropriate content. 


The bright sign unit that people will interact with is running an HTML project. I've figured out how to send UDP multicast messages from it. The receiving unit is running a project that is made in BrightAuthor.  In the presentation properties I see where I can set the port on which the device sends. But it's not obvious to me how to configure it to receive messages from a multicast group (or if it is possible). 


How would I configure a BrightAuthor presentation to receive UDP Multicast messages?

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    You don't have to tell brightauthor where to receive udp messages from. You just have to set what udp port to listen to. Whether it's sent multicast or to just that brightsign's ip, it will receive the message if it's listening to the port you're sending on.  You can set the udp port under file presentation properties. 


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