Multiple RSS Feeds?

Hello, I've set up a ticker and in the playlist I've created 3 data feeds from Canadian News RSS Feeds.  For example, CBC, CTV and our local newspaper.  Will the ticker automatically proceed through the 3 different RSS feeds, or does it only use the first?  What is the trigger for the RSS feed to return to the most recent item?

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    Bright Scripters

    Please clarify, by including a screenshot or a link to your BrightAuthor bpf files.

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    John-Paul Bonadonna

    Testing on the unit clarified things for me.  The RSS widget is absolutely smart enough to know that when it gets through all of the stories from the first RSS feed, it moves on to the next one.  You can tell where the delineation is because there will be no space between the final character (a period) and the capital letter of the next headline, whereas story headlines within the same RSS feed have a diamond symbol between each. 

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    John A Shutt

    I'm new to BrightAuthor, and I'm having this same issue.

    I've set up a News Ticker zone, and have set up a playlist with several RSS newsfeeds from CNN, ESPN, and rssWeather.  However, only the first item in the playlist will display on the monitor.

    Is there a way to have the player step through the various RSS feeds in a playlist?

    BrightAuthor is v.4.7, and the player is an XD234 v.8.0.127,

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