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Just wanted to pass on my wish list item(s) for the next version of BrightAuthor. It would be so nice if you would modify the Manage Devices Page when under Local Networking to continue to show the Device Name, Description, Uptime and Presentation Name but what would be so incredible is if you can show the IP address and MAC address on this page too. So many times I need to find the MAC or IP and if it was posted here (even if the device is password protected I feel you can still show this information). I would hope this could be applied on all models of Brightsign devices. Thanks. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on this idea. Much appreciated. Customer - Brad Turner, Northern Health Authority.

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    Chris Wright


    If you right click on the "player", then select Info, it shows Unit ID, IP Address, etc. Is this what you are looking for ?

    Chris Wright (Freehand UK) BrightSign Reseller.

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