Editor for interactive kiosks. Suggestions?

I would like to ask what people are using to create nice and fluent touch UI's. Yes I am aware of the BrightAuthor built-in option but it's not an ideal thing. For simpler touch interfaces it is ok, but if you want something with nice looking transitions etc the only way I know how to do it is by making a complex HTML thing.

So I am wondering if there are any tools around (editors etc) that would ease up the process of making such an interactive UI. I am not asking for like something that would have edited graphics backgrounds ets but like a framework that would enable nice transitions and other features newer websites have. Like an editor where I would put in stuff, select transitions etc and it would the spit out a "compiled" html which I would then upload to the BS player. So something like Wix but which I could then export and upload to a standalone player. So possibly not a cloud solution.

Anyone uses any tools like this?


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