Weekly scheduled change

I'm very new to all this. Any insight and advice is apperciated.


I have a daycare that has a few TV's in the entrance we are replacing one of the TVs current solution for a weekly Lunch/snack menu. They have the same menu rotation every 4 weeks. Currently they use powerpoint on a windows PC. We bought the BrightSign LS4 to see if it would be a better alternative and if all goes well we will be adding BrightSign to the other 2 TV's also. I currently have live text working and its an OK solution but seems like I've just traded one complicated method for another. They need to copy and paste menu items in at the beginning of every week one at a time to the webserver. Is there a way to make the menu auto update? They don't change menu too often but for when they do I want it to be simple as editing the cvs or other file containing the menu.


I'm thinking one of 3 different solutions:

1. Create 60 variables (instead of the present 15 variables) and have the page flip take 7 days to happen instead of the default 6 seconds. I foresee issues with this method. Then they can use the web app to modify the variables if needed.

2. Write a script to adjust the current 15 variables for the week every 7 days. using one variable to keep a check on the week. I don't even know if this is possible but guessing it is cause I've seen "Scripting" options in this system.

3. Have the presentation parse info from either 1 file or 4 separate files (for each week) and have a variable for week number which would be the only user variable to change the menu on the web portal. This would fire a conditional event of some sort.


Any alternatives ideas are welcomed. Is BrightSign even the right product for this solution? This has to be super user friendly while also not using BSN. Do you recommend Publishing via BrightAuthor via Local Network or should I setup Simple Network and share a folder on the main computer?


I also won't say no if anyone has good 3rd party sites for learning BrightAuthor. I already found some training videos on this site which look decent.


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