‘Brightwall Presentation Properties’ won't let me select Regular, only Stretched. I need to sync 3 pieces of content to 3 different screens.


I need to make a simple sync set up, but I’m running into some issues.

I’d like to sync 3 BrightSign XT244 players set up on a wired local area network. The 3 players need to play 3 different video files of the exact same frame length. And they should loop at exactly the same time so they are frame-matched. The video length is about 1 minute long. 

I’m using BrightAuthor to create 1 row by 3 columns in ‘Create BrightWall Configuration’. In the ‘Brightwall Presentation Properties’ menu, under Type, it will only let me select “Stretched” but I need it to be “Regular”. I want 3 distinct screens playing synced content. Regular is grayed out and deactivated. 

How can I select ‘Regular’? So that I can control the content porting to each screen?




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    JRB Technical

    Hmmm, that is odd.

    I do these often like that.

    And I just did with BA a minute ago as a test.




    Unless there is something I am missing in your config that is different.

    That should be working for you.



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    Tom Hunter

    The BrightWall Presentation Properties are forced to stretched and no choice is available to me. I'm putting together a 2x5 project.

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    Owen G Smith

    I am having this exact problem. There seems to have been no resolution to this post

    I am using a freshly installed Brightauthor
    PC is running Windows 10
    Creating a simple 2x1 BrightWall project, using two separate, frame matched MP4 video files. I need to create a “regular” type presentation.
    Created a new configuration to these parameters:
    -portrait bottom on rt
    -no overscan
    -rows 2
    -column 1

    When creating a brightwall presentation using this ( or any other) configuration,
    The Brightwall Presentaion Properties dialog box is automatically set to a “stretched” type presentation. The radio buttons are greyed out and I am unable to select “regular” type. Nor can I change the type by reopening properties after the presentation is created.

    Pls advise. Thanks.

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    JRB Technical

    Unfortunately it still seems that any Portrait BrightWall configuration will only allow stretched.

    If you can pre-rotate your videos so they are in the correct Landscape orientation (1920x1080 instead of 1080x1920), and use Landscape Monitor Orientation in the BrightWall config, it will allow you to select Regular (even though your displays are actually in portrait).

    It still baffles me as to why BrightSign still has all these problems with using players and displays in Portrait, when so many people want/need Portrait. It's as if they think all that anybody really uses is Landscape.


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    Nick Lee

    Yes I don't understand why they treat portrait and landscape so different given the amount of portrait digital displays are out there.  

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    Just ran into this same problem. I'm a regular BrightAuthor user and have done BrightWalls before, but I guess they were all landscape. I am surprised this bug is still present, but to be honest, I have come across other issues in BrightAuthor with portrait videos and have to end up doing the project with landscape orientation, and create all my assets 90 degrees off axis.

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