Brightscript to send serial string (EOL)

I need to send a bunch of serial string (EOL) with 50ms pauses in between, I have tried to do it in brightauthor entry commands and it works but the problem is that other aspects of the presentation have to wait until the set of instructions finishes and they do not work (there is a motion sensor that has to change the video on approach, or a product being picked up from the shelf).

The commands are simple strings ( X002B[0BBBBB] ) and they can load with the presentation without the need to listen for anything.

I have been told that this has to be a script but have no real idea of how to get started.

I tried a plugin script like this but it gave me a black screen and had to reload the normal presentation:

serial = CreateObject("roSerialPort", 2, 115200)
p = CreateObject("roMessagePort")
msg = "X002B[0BBBBB"
serial.SendLine(msg) ' Echo the message back to serial.

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    Dustin Vietzke

    interested in this also.

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