Replacing video files on micro sd card without BS author.


Does anyone know where the media files are located on the micro sd card?

Basically I have an simple play list running on a number of players, but would like to change the master video file on each just by over writing it direct to the card, without having to republish via Brightsign author.

I'm assuming that BSA, doesnt re-encode video files as, when you publish a sequence all it does is copy content.

I've searched an sd card but cant find my original file name, is it renamed or in a hidden directory?


thanks in advance


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    Allen H. Porter

    I don't run players in stand-alone mode or simple networking, etc.  Using the BSN network to distribute content , the files are in various sub-directories in the /pool folder.  And they have hexadecimal names.

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    Look at the current-sync.xml or local-sync.xml file for the pool mappings.  That said, simply replacing files in the pool may break things - perhaps not today, but there's no guarantee that any modification of the card content/structure will not cause problems.

    You should consider using a data feed to source your content if you want to change content without changing the presentation.



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    Dave Berninger

    Is there any update to this?  Requiring BA just to swap a video seems like a poor way to do things.

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