UDP event not working while video is playing


I've got a two player setup, where one touchscreen (HS123 built in) has rectangular touch zones on a still image for a remote control of a LS424 that has a few informational videos. I'm using UDP events on the touch zones to trigger the video playback. This works great. What doesn't seem to work is actually transitioning from one video to a different one while a video is on the screen. I've been using a user event to make sure that the UDP event from the attract screen that does work is the exact same as the event that transitions between videos, but the switching only occurs when a video is not playing. 

How can I reliably switch between actively playing videos with UDP events? It seems the usual just drag between two states and define the command doesn't work for me any more.

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    Jon Bloom

    Figured it out. Turns out making User Events doesn't save what's on the advanced tab, which caused the secondary pages to not have any of the UDP commands.

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