How to send serial command from a XD1033 to a Neets system


I have trouble sending a serial command from a XD1033 to a Neets control system. In fact trouble to get any serial command out from a XD1033 thru a 3.5mm output.

Is this right settings? I i'm using the 3.5mm jack straight in to the Neets input section for RS232 (see pictures):

Connection pinout (checked and double checked):

1. In the "Event Handler" (set as Initial state):

Presentation Properties:

All the settings in Neets are done correctly and is listening for this command, even a support techn. has checked all the settings.

It seems i'm not gett any commands out from the Brightsign, i have also tried "Invert Signals" to be sure that the cable isn't connected wrong on the RX/TX side.

I have used a serial command software (Docklight Scripting) to listen for this command from the XD1033 on a computer, with no results at all.

What is wrong, am i doing this wrong? Any suggestions?Please Help!

Best Regards - Simon / Amtech AB - Sweden


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    THe invert signal setting doesn't affect the need for a straight cable vs crossover cable. Your diagram shows a crossover cable wiring. If your device doesn't require crossover cable you need to test with a different cable.  I would test a straight cable vs crossover cable. 

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    Simon Bjork

    Hello! We have solved this. With help from your information and with some more digging in the Neets system.

    When everything was set right it worked once after a restart and then when it was sent again it did not, that made us go further.

    We discovered that we had to set and send a reset command to get Neets in right mode for receiving the command again.

    Se my picture below, the name of the reset-command (PWON) has nothing to do with what it realy does.

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