Plugin development mismatch.

Hi Folks..

I just wanted to comment on something and ask for direction..


With regards to learning how to write plugins, there appear to be two very different syntactical approaches to the plugin structure. One elegant example is provided as a starting place by Mr. Lee Dydo.  Unfortunately, his blank plugin seems to be written around a wholly enclosed init function. The documentation for bright author seems to want to break things out into several functions which just happen to reside in the plugin.brs file. 

Obviously, either can be correct, but it is somewhat confusing to pull from the resources to learn from two such different examples.

Is there a discussion on methodology behind each example?

Are these actually two different use cases?

Is there any published discourse or guidance on properly navigating these two methodologies?

Is there any tutorial on creating plugins that would be a little more one or the other?

Thanks for any light you can shed..

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    Unfortunately there's no such comparison between Lee's example and others. we have several examples of plugins listed at the brightsign github. I believe those are all broken out into functions.  The examples on the github are from different authors. Lee is actually the only one I've seen write plugins like the example you describe. If you look at the large autorun script used by brightauthor, now over 30k lines, it's written similar to how the plugin examples are written.

    ON our docs page, the section on plugins doesn't touch on the way Lee wrote his example. 

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