Autowall with ticker and rtp multicast stream

I have been able to create a 3x3 autowall using the examples provided in the docs here https://docs.brightsign.biz/display/DOC/Autowall 

I can get both an rss ticker and video playing using video from an MRSS feed or by setting the video src in the html5 to a unicast udp stream. If I try to use a multicast feed the video does not load. I tried setting the video src="rtp://" but the video does not play. I was able to get a unicast video to play using src="udp://@".

Does Autowall support an rtp stream and if so, what is the correct form or the mrl?


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    Yes, it should work. IF you play the rtsp stream outside of autowall, it works fine?

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    Jeff E

    Lyndon, If I add a Video Stream to a presentation and set the URL for stream to rtp://, it plays the video stream fine. But it does not play in the html video tag.

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