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My network is with various shuttle busses that make frequent stops and I know that the playlist will play in a constant loop. My question is this, because the shuttles make frequent stops, that means that the power is turned off from time to time. When that happens the playlist starts at the beginning of the presentation rather than where it left off leaving the advertisers that are toward the end of the playlist possibly less play time. 

Since the presentation is composed of several 30-45 sec clips, is there a way to make a condition so that the next clip cant play until the previous clip has played all the way through.

Any help would be great.

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    You could put your clipts into a playfile widget where the keys for each clip is a number, let's say 1 - 30. You can use a variable as the source of the key. You can start the variable at 1. When the media end event is received, for end of video, increment the variable and transition back to the playfile widget. The widget will play the next video because the variable has been increased.  Variable values are stored across reboots.

    So, if the player restarts, it will power up, enter the playfile widget and play the last variable value set.  In your media end that increments the variable, you shoud check for when it reaches the number of clips in your playfile widget so you can set it back to 1 when it reaches the end. 

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