LDAP integration not working

We are running to issues with our TEST environment's LDAP configuration.  We've missed a setting somewhere as it works fine in PROD.

The issue at hand.

1. We login to the webui as ADMIN and create a new network to match the group template and Active Directory name.

2. We login to the webui our your AD username and password.  It then prompts us for the network to login to.  Once we select the Network, we get the error "Invalid authentication.  Please try again or contact the support team"

As a note, we are able to login via the BA software with the newly created Network without issue.  We can even see the new Network from the webui when are logged in as ADMIN.

Nothing in the BSNEEWebSite log files,.


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    We had almost the same problem except for admin was set with default provider rather than LDAP.

    The problem was in X.509 certificate for api.domain.com

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