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i have a system with 2 synched hd224 connected to 12 gpio outputs. 8 to the master player and 4 to the slave.

during the movie i need to pulse the gpio. i'm using the time code event.

do i have a limit of commands in the time code event ? is there an easy way to pulse instead of sending 2 commands ?

is it better to write a script for this ? if so, is there a manual for writing scripts ?


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    To pulse gpio, you have to send and on and off command.  You can send a  command to a backgroun zone that will starts a l ooping timer that turns on and off gpio. So it's one command to start the on and off loop and a second command to turn it back off again... It would look like this. One event handler takes a start command, and goes to another. That one times out to turn gpio on and off. Then listens for off command to go back to the first which does nothing..



    There are sample script on brightsign github. There isn't a manual. There's a object reference guide and a script document with definitions and examples.



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