BrightAuthor not starting

Hi there,

When I open BA the purple start Window pops up and dissapears after a few seconds. BA does not start and can not be seen in task manager.

Working on a Lenovo Yoga, Windows 10 Home, x64 with BrightAuthor 4.7. It used to work, suddenly it stopped working. Can't even open existing files (same start window opens but dissapears after a few seconds again - file does not open). Itunes (with Bonjour) is installed.

Any ideas why it's not working anymore? Can't do anything at all and would need to work with BA asap.

Thanks for your help!



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    Did you used to have another display connected to the computer, or a dual display setup? I've seen an issue before where the software tries to open on the screen that used to be connected. 


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    Simon Andy Voegelin

    Hi Lyndon. Yeah no other screens or dual display setup. But I know what you mean, had the display problem on an other computer already. So far no sollution other than new user account on same computer found.

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    I've seen some rare instances where the position/size get set to silly values in the registry.

    Check HKCU\Software\BrightSign\BrightAuthor or copy the text below into a .reg file and merge that in.


    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00





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    Simon Andy Voegelin

    @Brandon - Yay that works! All entreis were existing but with strange values.

    For those who face the same problem - press Windows+R - enter regedit - open above mentioned 4 entries and ajust the values.

    Thanks again Brandon!

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