Waitting several events simultaneously

I think I saw it in another post or manual but I can´t find anything.


Is it possible to wait several events simultaneously(in my case zone message ones) to trigger an image for example?


I have various zones with an image which has to be changed by another if a lot of zone message events are recieved (SALA1, SALA3, SALA4,....)except one (SALA2) and another different one(GO) which sends it to another image.

I can´t use the "SALA<any>" (if it works for zone messaging), but I think i saw was possible to use a logical operator (SALA1||SALA3||SALA4||...) or someting like that.

I know it can be done using lot of zone messaging events, but there are many..


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    All events on the currently-active state are listened for, unless the event is time-based and the time has passed (Video Timecode event, Timeout event, for example).

    Sounds like you should use UDP messages and one of the Play File states instead of Zone Messages, or have a separate state set a User Variable based on the Zone Messages.


    There are no logical operators for UDP/serial/zone messages.  If you need to listen for multiple distinct messages (not using wildcards), you need to set a separate event for each one.

    You should also look at using Super States to avoid having to put all possible message events on every state.


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