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I experienced that for zone messaging, zones numbers are important, not only the order but the number.


I have a project with 6 zones but as I did a lot of tests, one of the zones have the number 21 while the othes are 3,4,5,8,9

When a zone message is sent to all zones, the number 21 works but later..

As I can´t change those numbers I had to create new zones from the 21 and copy the content of the old ones.


I think it has to be due BA creates its files with the erased zones, although they are not used at the project.

Maybe is easy to fix...

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    The zone number should not matter - it's just an ordinal number.

    Deleted zones are gone once the presentation is saved - you can open the .bpf in a text editor and look at the XML if you want.

    If your other zone is not responding to the zone message, check that the zone is in a state with the appropriate Zone Message event.  The Zone Message event must be on the currently-active state in the zone or on the enclosing Super State for it to be triggered.

    Each zone in the presentation has only one state active at any given time, and only events on that state (and enclosing super state, if applicable) are responded to.


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