Presentation won't load on SD card

I used to have my bright sign unit on a SSID and that's how I would publish. I had trouble publishing a few months ago some new videos, but as soon as I went back to older videos, the schedule published fine. Fast forward to today and my SSID network is gone. Therefore, I tried to publish the files by inserting the SD card into the PC on which Bright Author is installed (originally version 4.6). The newer videos (same as the ones I had problems publishing a few months ago) still wouldn't publish. I received a "file cannot be found" error. So I re-saved the presentations and created a new schedule - same result. I have since:
1) Uploaded to Bright Author new video files (ones that previously worked) and deleted old ones.
2) Re-configured the player to a Standalone unit.
3) Bought a new SD card and re-configured the player to a Standalone unit.
4) Tried to update firmware and updated the version of Bright Author.
5) Create a completely new presentation with a video from a few years ago as well as a new, extremely simple schedule.
6) Selected copy and replace, as well as copy from the options when Bright AUthor asks about overwriting files on the SD card.
No matter what I do, whenever I try to publish to the SD Card, I get a "file cannot be found" error.

I'm at a loss. Please advise what I should do next.

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    Monica Knutson
    • How large (file size) are the video files? There is a maximum size for FAT32 cards
    • If it's a newer series BrightSign, you may be able to format the SD card as exFAT which grants large file sizes


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