Hi a newbe here.  Is there some secret to getting zone messaging to work.  I have done the video tutorial several times and cannot get the images to change. Here is the setup

drop a dummy image on the video interactive page (not explained why in video) set a timeout, click on the timeout advanced tab select add command, select link then zones specify v1.  Video1 Media End to Video2 specify v2.  Video2 Media End to Video1 specify v1.

Zone 2 stills: again dummy image connect to Image1 using double box linked zone event specify v1.  Connect Image1 to Image2 with linked zone specify v2.  Connect Image2 back to Image1 specify v1.

When I run it the dummy image stays up while the videos cycle.  Using BA 4.7.

Thanks for any help.


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    keith neff

    Finally got it.  Needed to use Send Zone Message and pick it up using the lightning icon.


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    Linked zones should have worked, though if you were using the preview in BrightAuthor and not viewing the actual published playback that would've have shown the proper behavior.  Always check the playback from the actual player as the software preview is not an accurate representation of real playback.


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