Interactive Menu with BP900 Buttons

Hi all,

I thought I had the Interactive Menu setup properly, the instructions are very clear.  Unfortunately the "back" button isn't working (or I'm expecting something different).

I'm using a simple DVD style menu with two items, Left Right and Enter select the item to play, the events play fine.  According to the User Guide, the "back" button is used to return to the menu at any point.  When I push the back button on the BP900, the button LED lights up to show the button is active, but I'm expecting the event playing to stop and return to 'home' for another selection.  But, nothing happens.

I've tried using different button numbers, no difference. Is there something I need to specifiy in the events?

Any ideas?

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    Ryley J

    Ok, I found a solution.  Inserting a BP900 Event on each media, specifying the button number (in my case button 11) to transition to new state, specify next state as "Interactive Menu".  Adding this event to each piece of media works.  It seems like extra work though.  I expected the Interactive Menu "Back" button to be a universal back-to-home...

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