Trying to do video across 2 days.

I am trying to schedule a New Year Eve video that will play from 11:59 to 12:01. I am finding nothing that will let me run a presentation across 2 days. 

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    JRB Technical

    So this might work, but I can't make any guarantees, if I remember later today I will set this up on a player to test at midnight tonight.

    Schedule the event at 11:57pm for 2 minutes as normal. Save the schedule.

    Open up the schedule file with a text editor. Find that presentation in the file, and change the start time from 23:57 to 23:59 (the schedule uses 24 hour time).

    Re-save the file and then load the schedule back into BrightAuthor.

    Because it only references the Start Time, and Duration, in theory this should work.

    When you look at the schedule then in BrightAuthor, it will show 11:57pm to 12:01am, but it does not show up on January 1, so be careful not to start anything until 12:01am on the 1st. You can re-adjust your other scheduled item before this to end at 11:59.



    If that doesn't work...

    Not the preferred answer, but ran into a similar issue with another system years ago.

    The solution ended up changing the clock time, in that case we offset the clock by 12 hours.

    But you could probably just change the time zone by an hour or two on the BrightSign player to accomplish what you need.

    Unfortunately this will not work if you have the BrightSign clock displayed in a zone. But if you need a clock zone and have a HTML5 capable player, you could do a HTML5 clock in that zone, and code change to the correct time zone to display the correct time.

    Just do this for a few days for New Years Eve (of course test a few nights before), and then set back to correct time zone after. Depending on what else you have scheduled, you would need to offset other schedules to compensate for the offset timezone as well.

    Good luck


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